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AV Services Directory
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AV Service Description:

AV equipment is a broad description of tens of thousands of audio visual products that are manufactured to accomplish a nearly infinite number of services. Virtually every one of them is designed to be an element of a planned AV solution. To accomplish the desired end result often requires a symphony of talents and expertise; a coordinated, planned orchestration of skills all brought together by a common vision for a singular purpose.

Whether the project is for a temporary purpose or a permanent AV solution many of the same skills are required for a successful result.

This AV Services Directory will be an asset to you as you plan your next audio visual project. Additional information about the skills specific to each Service Provider group is provided on the specific search pages but this overview will get you headed in the right direction.

Audio Visual Dealers:

Virtually every AV project requires AV equipment and these are the folks that are authorized and trained by the manufacturers to advise and guide you to the right choices for each application. They have invested in the training and support structure necessary to ensure you will be purchasing the right product for your needs that will deliver optimum performance.

Audio Visual Distributors:

Many manufacturers augment their direct sales efforts or, in some cases, rely solely on distributors to bring their products to the marketplace. Distributors primarily provide their services to authorized dealers. They usually provide training, sales and marketing assistance, inventory stocking, invoicing and collection services on behalf of the manufacturer.

Audio Visual Rental Companies:

When your need is short term for a specific application it is likely going to be more cost effective to rent the technology you'll need rather than purchase it. The companies listed in our AV Rental Providers directory will likely be able to provide the services you'll need to serve your needs from AV equipment rental to operators, delivery and pick up as well as emergency service or support.

Audio Visual Systems Integrators:

If making a solution out of a lot of boxes is your goal these are the companies that can do the job. They are experts at understanding the application, coordinating the resources, bringing to bear the talents and orchestrating the project. When it needs to be done right you can trust these experts.

AV Design/Builders:

Many dealers take delivering AV solutions to the next level. In addition to being authorized and trained to help in the selection of the right product for the purpose they have invested in developing the skills necessary to design and build a turn-key solution. When you need more than just a product these are the organizations you can rely on to deliver it all.

AV Maintenance Services:

Like any mechanical or electronic device AV equipment is most reliable and performs at optimum levels when it is maintained regularly and properly. Without reasonable care you can be assured it will fail to perform at the most critical of times. These organizations have the experience and knowledge to reduce the likely hood of such events.

AV Producers:

When making the right impression and delivering the message in way that the audience will truly remember is critical you should consider the services of an expert steeped in the art of producing such events. There organizations will help you deliver a memorable message with impact.

AV Software Developers:

Custom software programming is often the only practical solution when looking to solve that unique business application or challenge. These companies have the experience to help you whatever your need.

Business Consultants:

Business consultants are typically experts in their field of knowledge and bring considerable experience to helping businesses improve their processes. Consultants also provide a valuable outsider's perspective which can bring insight into hidden problems within a company's day-to-day operations.

Conference Services:

The category is broadly applied to organizations that can aid in the design, set up, production, transportation and delivery of the services required to stage a successful event whether it be a single meeting or a multi-city or multi-national road show. These are the experts who can assist in the all aspects of the audio visual project from planning to logistics.

Independent AV Consultants:

These service organizations focus specifically on the design aspects of an AV project. They generally provide consultation, design, suggested products and project drawings which are then submitted to System Integrators for completion.

Independent AV Installers:

Because independent installers do not have exclusive ties to one manufacturer or dealer, they can offer a variety of solutions for the project at hand. In addition, they often work flexible hours which can translate into faster install times.

Independent AV Programmers:

Many AV projects incorporate sophisticated control solutions that require advanced programming. These organizations specialize in that aspect of an AV solution.

Independent Representatives:

Like Distributors, Independent Representatives are utilized by manufacturers to augment their direct sales efforts and in some cases is their sole solution to ensure that their products are known to the dealer community. Typically they do provide product training, marketing and sales assistance. However, Independent Representatives do not stock inventory nor do they perform invoicing and collection services.

Professional Services:

From software to consulting; from accounting to sales management these business matter experts can assist you and your business to improve operations, trim excess overhead, streamline processes and bring business tools to bear to your particular need.

Staging/Live Events:

If you want to put on a real show and impress everyone these organizations are the ones to work with. They know how to bring the glitz and glamour to the message or the event. They know camera angles and image magnification. They know pyrotechnics and lighting. For the big show at the big event these are the resources you need.